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India is widely and justifiably regarded as the land of spices. It is the flavor, variety and richness of Indian spices that drove Christopher Columbus and Vasco De Gama towards the subcontinent in 1492 and 1497 respectively. Closing in on the Portuguese’ heels, the Frenchmen and Brits arrived in India. At the end, the British imperialists outwitted others and slowly turned their attention to other trades as well before finally becoming the ruler of the country. They ruled India for more than 200 years before the country got its freedom on 15th August, 1947.

In a word, Indian spices were the actual force to lure many foreigners to sail a long distance to reach the country and also what led to rise of the British Empire. Indian spices are now available online and not only at the traditional grocery stores. Purchasing Indian spices online from a reputed dealer will save your time and also ensure the best quality things at the best prices.

India – A gold mine of spices

India is a Mecca of dissent views and diverse cultures, manifesting itself in an unmatched unity. However, India is also a land of the most exciting cuisines right from Mughlai spread, Kashmiri magic to Bengali dishes, Kerala delicacies and many more. The best part of a culinary journey in India is you will be exposed to varieties in every corner, city, town and village just like its language and diction. That is the beautiful essence of Indian cuisines and spices play a role here.

Indian spices are colorful and aromatic. It is important to use authentic spices in the right proportion to make any dish most palatable. These spices are also high in demand from different restaurants spread over the global map. Every year, the country earns a good sum from its export of spices to various nations throughout the globe.

Different kinds of Indian spices

Spices available in India come in a larger variety. What is more, they not only add colors and flavors to your dishes but also score high on health benefits. The most common species include turmeric powder, chilies, bay leaves, black peeper, cumin powder, coriander powder, cloves, fennel seeds, saffron, fenugreek seeks, cinnamon, cardamom etc. Most of them are called dry spices and available in both powdered and whole form.

Some ingredients lend a distinct flavor to Indian cuisines and the most used ones among them include curry leaves, coconut mint and dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts etc. Dry fruits are also used in Indian deserts. Garam Masala and curry powder are very unique to Indian cooking. Indian cuisines vary a lot, just like its culture, across its landscape. Every culinary style is unique and offers a distinct flavor. However, spices are always in all of them with only a single difference that some dishes are very rich while others are light.


Pickles are unique to Indian food culture. You can find them in an extensive variety. Sometimes, pickles are also used to whip up certain dishes to lend it a unique taste. Some pickles like what are made of mango, chilies are more common while chicken pickles can be categorized under the uncommon ones.


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