Ruh Bela – the Jasmine Oil From North India – Hydro Distilled


Ruh Bela (It is a Hindi word Bela which means jasmine, Ruh – Soul) is made by using Hydro distillation of Jasmine Sambac (North Indian Variety) , It is 100% true essence of jasmine flower and currently becoming vary popular in skin care and pharmaceuticals due to its superb therapeutic properties. Practitioners have more confidence on this product because there is no pesticide used for protection from insects,as Bela ( also called Motia) is half yearly flower, 6 months period ,from April to September. The South Indian Mogra (Jasminum Sambac) have 4 petals, in opposite North Indian Bela or Motia (Jasminum Sambac) have 8 Petals and great unique smell too. Very light and sweet , not very green note like South Indian Jasmine.

According to producers like us prefer to have the flowers with insects(special bees, or sometime honey bees) for distillation. Because if the flower have the insects, it will give the maximum yield. According to the statistics, we can get 25 – 45 grams / 100 Kilogram flower yield depending upon the flowers situation. It is 100% organic product and producer avoid spraying pesticide because insects help us to get more oil from the Bela flowers. More insects on the flowers, more oil yield.

One acre of Bela flower cultivation field give us 100 – 120 Kilograms of flower , in result 35 – 40 grams of Ruh Bela can be prepared per acre. So as soon as this jasmine will gain the popularity in western world, people will implant more flowers on large fields for getting enough quantity of flower for distillation and then the product will be cheaper and higher volume deals will take place.

The same flower is used for preparation of Jasmine Attar. People of western world sometime confused with the smell which is little lighter than Jasmine Sambac of South India. The Attar of Jasmine is one of the top selling attar of the world after Attar of Roses and the major ingredient of the Jasmine Attar is Bela flower and so many Jasmine Attar users still don’t know that there is some place where the real production of Ruh Bela is going on.

  • Note : The Ruh Bela is very costly product and cost same as Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena) or Kewra Oil.
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